30x Optical Zoom

30x Optical Zoom: Picture quality is our highest priority, because of that the SkyBoss camera system utilize an impressive optical zoom.

Optical zoom allows the user to keep all the details of a shot no matter how far the camera zooms in. 30x gives the best range possible without losing image clarity.

Low-Light Sensitivity

The SkyBoss HD+IP is the only outdoor camera system on the market to include the New Sony FCB-EV7520 camera, which increases color sensitivity to .01Lx.

This gives the HD+IP camera a truly unparalleled night shot in its class. 

Integrated H.264 Encoder

The SkyBoss HD+IP has a Full-HD H.264 encoder built in, giving you output versatility in a single package.

This encoder has an integrated SkyBoss GUI for full control of the Pan, Tilt, Zoom and Focus, as well as more detailed control of camera exposures and paint controls. All accessible via the cameras IP address.

IP and HD-SDI Output

IP & HD-SDI output: This SkyBoss camera system come with both HD-SDI and IP outputs. This gives you versatility in how you want the video delivered. Broadcasting standard HD-SDI, is a secure connection of uncompressed video from the SkyBoss system in real-time.

IP output increases your versatility and makes remote location set-up simple. Stream a live video feed from miles away without any digital distortion.


MSRP - $7,900

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The specs and other documentation of this camera can be found here :

HD+IP Documentation <